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Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Newland Ward

February 2018 Upgrade Parents Room Newland Ward
Women’s and Children’s Hospital $55,000

The Australian Professional Firefighters Foundation contributed $55,000 to upgrade the parents room in the Newland Ward.

Parents can spend extend time at the ward whilst their children receive treatment. The parents room was looking a little old and tired, it has now been transformed into a comfortable space for parents.

September 2016 Ultra Pluse Laser Donation $105,000

The Australian Professional Firefighters Foundation donated $105,000 to assist in the purchase of a new Ultra Pulse Laser for the Burns Service at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Thanks to funding raised, burns patients will now have access to advanced laser technology for the treatment of burns scars.

New Surgical Hub at the Women's and Children's Hospital

Thursday 8th November 2014, we celebrated the opening of the new Surgical Hub at the Women’s & Children’s Hospital.    The project cost $167k and the APFF donated $90k.  $50k of that money was raised from last year’s Shake the Boot.  What an amazing effort and congratulations to all those involved.


Photo L-R: Greg Crossman – SAMFS – Assistant Chief Fire Officer; Gail Mondy – WCH, CEO; Tracy Carroll – WCH, Advanced Divisional Nursing Director, Surgical Services/Medical Imaging; Dr Cindy Molloy, WCH Divisional Medical Director, Surgical Services/Medical Imaging; Brenton Ragless – Channel Nine News and Ambassador APFF

New Surgical Hub - thank you letter

Patients, parents  and staff at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital are thrilled with the new entrance to Newland Ward named the ‘Surgical Hub’.  This area was purpose built with the generous support of the Australian Professional Fire Fighters Foundation and the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation. The Surgical Hub has proven a huge success with a three month evaluation confirming the detailed planning  was worthwhile.

Tracy Carroll, Advanced Divisional  Nursing Director of Surgical Services says the evaluation has shown that the Surgical Hub is well received by parents and patients who find the single point of contact and friendly front of house reception area very easy to access. This entrance also is used for Campbell Ward and enables the ward clerk to help with directing the traffic to the surgical areas.  The nursing staff are thrilled with the streamlined entrance and security upgrade. The coder and medical staff find this area much easier to complete their administrative tasks uninterrupted, the co-location has shown significant results. This clever design is a real winner!

Tracy could not speak highly enough of the improvement as a result of the Surgical Hub and would again like to send the hospitals very special thanks to all donors for this project, it is truly appreciated.


Tracy Carroll

Advanced Divisional Nursing, Director Surgical Services/Medical Imaging

Women’s and Children’s Hospital

New Kitchen and Drug Room

Newland Ward is a 36 bed acute surgical, trauma and burns unit.  Each year, staff care for approximately 3,000 children from birth to 18 years of age.

Patients in Newland Ward require complex surgery in the areas of urology, orthopaedics, craniofacial, neurosurgery, burns and plastic surgery, selected cardiology, ear,  nose, throat and eye surgery.

Due to the complexity of care, over 100 children each year require a hospital stay greater than 10 days, and occasionally, for several months.  This is a long time to be away from the normal comforts of home. Newland Ward is in need of a refurbishment as it is very tired looking.

New Kitchen area

After years of constant use both ward kitchens are outdated and need to be relocated and combined into one larger room. Along with the installation of previously donated whitegoods, new cupboards and bench tops, the ward kitchen will be able to accommodate the necessary and daily food and drink preparation. This will enable parents to prepare food – one of the few day to day tasks they can do for  their sick child in the foreign environment of a hospital.

New drug room

The current Drug Room  is outdated and it is essential this area is upgraded and relocated to  streamline patient care. This upgrade and relocation, within Newland Ward, will  better service drug storage needs and more complex therapies and will ensure the  provision of the best drug therapy for each patient.

“What  Newland Ward lacks in glamour, it is overwhelmingly compensated for by the ‘heart and soul’ of the team of staff who work there. They are a dedicated bunch  of enthusiastic professionals, who ooze warmth and cheerfulness. I have never  encountered a team who embrace a “can do” attitude, while equally supporting a “make do” compromise. I cannot think of two more worthwhile projects than to  move these two tiny kitchens into one spacious, light and bright room, and to  modernise the essential and very busy Drug Room. Though these projects might  seem small in the bigger health care strategy, they will significantly improve  working conditions and bring so much pleasure and joy to the families and staff  who spend time in Newland Ward”.

Sue Barlow

Nurse Manager

Division of Paediatric Surgery & DATS

Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

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